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    Brain Awareness Week Sticker Design Contest

    Want to see your art on thousands of stickers? Design an original graphic capturing the spirit of Brain Awareness Week for a chance to see your creation become the new sticker for the 2018 campaign (March 12–18). The competition is open to the public worldwide, and creativity is encouraged! Enter by October 31 for a chance to win prizes.

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    Memoir by John Saunders Sheds Light on Depression

    In the introduction to Playing Hurt: My Journey from Despair to Hope, sports broadcaster John Saunders writes that he wanted “to reach out to the millions of people, especially men, who think they’re alone and can’t ask for help” for mental issues. Read more about the new book on our blog.

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  • Richard L. Doty, Ph.D. (feature) (close)

    Olfaction: Smell of Change in the Air

    Scientists believe that sense of smell has the potential to detect and even treat some neurological disorders. Joining us on this month’s podcast is Richard L. Doty, Ph.D., the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Smell and Taste Center and author of our most recent Cerebrum article, “Olfaction: Smell of Change in the Air.”

  • Eric Kandel’s Reductionism in Art and Brain Science – Bridging the Two Cultures

    Cerebrum Book Review

    There are as many questions as answers when it comes to treating people with brain injuries. What is the capacity of brains to recover? How do we know that our assessments are accurately describing what's going on in a patient's mind? What does society morally owe these patients and families? Joseph J. Fins' book reflects his role as co-director at the Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury. Reviewed by Arthur L. Caplan.

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    'Exercise and the Brain' Wins Northwest Emmy Award

    Congratulations to executive producers Cara Podenski and Eric Chudler and the team at the University of Washington for their 2017 Northwest Emmy Award win for the program “Exercise and the Brain!” Hosted by Chudler, the video discusses the benefits of exercise on the brain and learning, and is part of the BrainWorks series, which aims to educate children about the wonders of neuroscience. The Dana Foundation partnered on this project.

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Top Stories

Structural Connectivity Sets the Stage for Later Reasoning Ability

by Kayt Sukel

New study suggests that the tighter two specific brain regions are woven together by white-matter tracts in childhood, the better one’s performance will be on a reasoning task in adulthood.

What’s in a Name?

by Guy McKhann, M.D.

Guy_McKhann_thmbMany teachers who work with children have learned that presenting material in small blocks, interspersed with other activities, even physical activities, leads to much better results. Our monthly column for Brain in the News.

Moving Past the Blood-Brain Barrier

by Kayt Sukel

Improvements in altering viruses hold promise of crossing the fierce boundary between brain and bloodstream to deliver therapies.

Tracing the ‘Love’ Signal

by Carl Sherman

How do we choose our partners? In voles, researchers find the stronger a certain brain circuit’s connections are, the stronger the bond—and timing is important.

Understanding Human Decision-Making: Neuroeconomics

by Paul W. Glimcher, Ph.D.

Paul_Glimcher_80In the past few decades, neuroscientists have made strides towards understanding where in the brain subjective value is represented and steps towards understanding how it is constructed. One in our series of Reports on Progress.

Who's in Charge?

Brenda Patoine

Sameer Sheth

Sameer Sheth's discovery of conflict-sensitive cells in the cortex helps shed light on the neural circuitry of cognitive control. One of our series of Scientist Q&As.




The Illusion of the Perfect Brain Enhancer

September 18, 2017

by Emiliano Santarnecchi, Ph.D., and Alvaro Pascual-Leone, M.D., Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

Many questions loom over transcranial direct current stimulation. The authors examine its potential and pitfalls.

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Towards a Cure for Childhood Brain Disorders: A Tale of Two Disease Models


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Gut Feelings: Gut-Brain Crosstalk and Its Importance for Feeding Behavior and Metabolism


Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach

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